The year is 1.000.000 AD, you are Ragnar Lothbrok MCXIII, the galaxy's most lethal warrior. You have reached an age where your use to The Supreme Galactic Empire is in decline and the Empire's war council has allowed you to go out in a blaze of glory,  to spare you from tarnishing your reputation with the weakness that follows old age. You have been given a vessel and set lose in an arena filled to the brim with slaves from the warrior planet Xlorgon VI. Slaughter as many as you can, as you drown in an ocean of blood and glory. 


Use right/left arrows to rotate your ship, Z to accelarate, and X to shoot.

Kill the green monsters for points, and pick up power-ups for health and temporary weapon upgrades, plus 2 points.If using a joystick or gamepad (recommended), you can press ESC, or the Start button on your gamepad, to open a pause menu. From there go to options and controls to test the layout of your controller.

To reset the high score, on the title screen, hold the shoot button for ~4 seconds, or until you see the message: "high score reset" on screen.

Press ALT+Enter to toggle full-screen.

Thank you for playing!


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LOTHBROK A.D. for Linux 748 kB
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LOTHBROK A.D. for Raspberry Pi 2 MB

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Made a video


Oh nice! Thanks for playing!

Looks fun to play, but I can't tell where is forward. The blue triangle is hard to see. It would nice if was a indicator to tell you which way is forward. Streamed with other game devs


Thanks for the critique! That's a good point. I'm gonna try to figure something out. It's one of those things you think you can get away with when you don't have testers, I guess.